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We design to meet our clients' needs, improving performance of staff and having an impact on business outcomes.

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A structured holistic career and personal development programme for men and women. We have a proven track record of success, having helped over 200 000 participants worldwide to be more effective, skilled and satisfied in their lives. Over 500 organizations were able to reap the benefits of more motivated staff, higher productivity, better retention, and creativity.

We are the only consultancy that specialises in women's development, with over 16 years successfully helping women to achieve their potential. Women are better represented in some public sector organisations than in the private sector, where they are underrepresented in the more senior positions. The need to deliberately bring Equal Opportunity alive by developing female staff in non-management positions is key for the growth and economic development of the organisation! Research shows that organisations who invest in women's development are 15% more profitable!

We specialize in recruiting overseas medical staff as well as medical staff  within New Zealand for a more fulfilling and rewarding career. The service encompasses the entire package of facilitating registration with the Nursing Council of New Zealand and the Medical Council of New Zealand; Immigration; and helping the candidate to settle into New Zealand life, thereby making it easier for employers to find and integrate staff. A service that prides itself in 'the human touch'.

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